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Vainu View: 360° company info view on prospects and customers 🌎

Embed Vainu's company profile data to any system that supports iframe embedding

Vainu's View solution is a 360° company info view that enables embedding Vainu's company profile data to any system that supports iframe embedding. 



Vainu View enables customer data to be displayed across several systems

  • Vainu View makes Vainu’s company profile data available to everyone who is working with customers and need detailed company information on a daily basis, i.e., salespeople, people working in customer service as well as account managers and people working in customer success. 
  • The solution makes it easy to prepare for customer meetings, and it is extremely useful for customer service units as the employees can get a full view of a customer that is reaching out to them.

Embedding Vainu’s company card 

Vainu’s company card can be embedded to CRM systems if the system can load external HTML content to an iframe. The URL for Vainu’s embedded company card is https://app.vainu.io/embedded/<business_id>?showAll where <business_id> is the unique ID of the company, for example “Y-tunnus” in Finland.
The business ID is prefixed with a two-letter alpha code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1) and the business ID is entered without non-numeric characters. 

For example:



Vainu View with API Key - Enable Vainu View without Vainu credentials

Using Vainu View with the API key lets all of your company employees to see the Vainu data without the need to log in to Vainu and is free of any user limits.


1. Have Vainu View API enabled on your permissions (This needs to be done by a Vainu employee)

2. Create an API key in the Settings menu.

3. Copy the API key to the Vainu View query



Vainu View parameters and available data

Vainu’s embedded company card can show all information from Vainu and it can also be configured to display only some of the data by adding parameters to the end of the URL:


  1. showAll - Show all Vainu’s information on the company
  2. showSignals
  3. showFinancials
  4. showEmployees
  5. showWebProfile
  6. showSocials
  7. showLocations
  8. showRegisters
  9. showVehicles (if your license includes vehicle data)
  10. showGroup
  11. showBasicInfo
  12. showRealEstate
  13. No parameters - Show only basic information.

One example on how to combine different parameters can be viewed via the following link: https://app.vainu.io/embedded/FI01098628?showSignals&showSocials&showLocations

Show Basic company data and Signals


We're happy to give you more information on our Vainu View solution, so chat with us, email at support@vainu.io or contact your Vainu contact person to discuss more!

Find instruction on how to embed Vainu’s company card to Microsoft Dynamics by adding an IFRAME element to a view:

Embedding Vainu’s company card to Microsoft Dynamics

Embedding Vainu's company card to Salesforce

Embedding Vainu's company card to SuperOffice

Note! Vainu View is not compatible with HubSpot Sales.