Setting up the two-way Pipedrive integration is super simple and is done in two steps: 

  1. Vainu superuser imports Pipedrive data into Vainu 
  2. All the other users connect their own account in Vainu 

Check out the video below to see how the integration functions: 

How to setup the integration

1. Vainu Superuser does the initial set-up 🛠 

Before making the connection, make sure that you have:

  • 2-way integration included in you Vainu license
  • Superuser rights in Vainu (Let us know in the chat if you are unsure who is the Vainu superuser in your organisation)
  • Valid Pipedrive license
  • Admin rights in Pipedrive 

I ) Connect your Pipedrive account 

  • Click on the wheel icon in the upper right corner and choose "Settings" 
  • Insert your Pipedrive credentials, i.e. e-mail and password. Click 'Update'. 
  • Choose the Pipeline where you want your leads to be exported. 
  • Try exporting a company to Pipedrive! 

Please note that you should use your own Pipedrive login details when authorising Vainu instead of using the Google authorisation. 

II) Import Pipedrive information to Vainu

Vainu will search for information that will make your prospecting efforts in Vainu as smooth as possible, and this requires only a few things to be set: 

  • Choose Business ID or Company name for matching the Pipedrive companies to correct company in Vainu. 
  • Select the correct Pipedrive field from the drop-down menu. If you selected Business ID in the previous field pick the field in Pipedrive where Vainu can spot the business IDs. 
  • Click on 'Import' all companies (Please note that importing the companies can take up to a few hours if you have a lot of companies in your Pipedrive)
  • Click on 'Activate auto-synchronization' for importing automatically the latest information on an hourly basis to Vainu. 
  • Insert your Pipedrive URL
  • And you are good to go! 🙌  Start exporting companies to Pipedrive and using Pipedrive data in your target groups! 

Remember that the customer may use the service on their own responsibility, in accordance with the general terms and conditions. We will not disclose the data imported via the integration to third parties in any circumstances.  

2. All other users connect their Pipedrive account 🔑

Once the Vainu superuser in your organisation has finished the settings, the rest of the users can connect their own Pipedrive accounts in Vainu: 

Please note that you should use your own Pipedrive login details when authorising Vainu instead of using the Google authorisation.

Information brought to Pipedrive 📬

Any time you export a company from Vainu, this information is brought automatically: 

  • Business ID
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Employees
  • Industry Code
  • Revenue
  • Vainu Link
  • Phone number

These fields will be created when a company is exported by a Pipedrive admin user if these fields don't exist yet in your Pipedrive. The built-in integration always brings the same basic company information to Pipedrive, but if you are looking for a more customisable solution, check out some tips for using Zapier!

Find out more about how to make the most out of the integration and how to direct leads to Pipedrive: 

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