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Vainu Similar Companies

Vainu Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that helps you find companies similar to those you have already found.

What is Vainu Similar Companies?

Vainu Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that uses an AI model to analyze website text embeddings to calculate a “distance score” between company website domains to determine how similar these domains are. On a practical level, Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that shows, as the name suggests, similar companies to the chosen company.

Why do Vainu Similar Companies matter?

You don't need to spend time searching for good-fit companies – just give us one good-fit prospect, and we will help you with the rest.

How does it work?

Vainu Similar Companies are based on Vainu Custom Industries, and it is using website text embeddings to calculate a distance score that we convert into a similarity score. Vainu Similar Companies has currently calculated this “distance score” information for over 50 million domains, and we’ve stored the 100 most similar domains for each of these 50M domains in our database.

How to access Vainu Similar Companies?

There are two ways to access this dataset: directly on HubSpot CRM or through our API.

HubSpot CRM

You can add the Vainu Similar Companies CRM Card directly on your HubSpot company page, more specifically, to the right sidebar. It will display a list of the 5 most similar domains along with basic information such as company size, HQ location, and Vainu Custom Industries.

Vainu similar companies_CRM Card in HubSpot

Within each individual company on the list, there are two available actions:

  • Vainu view will open up an iFrame element within HubSpot, showing the entire company card on Vainu for all additional information you might need regarding that company.
    Vainu similar companies_Vainu view in HubSpot
  • You may also Create the company to add the selected domain directly into your HubSpot CRM along with data enrichment coming directly from our database.

    Vainu similar companies_create new company_domain

There are also a couple of settings that allow you to modify the list of similar companies based on your preferences. The available options are:

  • Show existing companies vs Hide existing companies: Choose whether or not companies already within your CRM will appear in the results or not. By default, existing companies are listed.
  • Show from all countries vs Show only from the same country: Choose whether the list only contains companies from the same country as the original company. By default, companies from all countries are listed using our global database.

    Vainu similar companies_Actions_sort

How to add the Vainu Similar Companies CRM Card to HubSpot

To add the Vainu Similar Customers CRM Card on your HubSpot company page, you will need to make sure that Vainu Connector has been installed from the >> HubSpot App Marketplace.

To install apps from the marketplace, you must have "App Marketplace access." 

image (6)

The CRM Card might be hiding at the bottom of the Company view, so we’d recommend moving it up so you can see it as soon as you open any company page – just drag and drop! 👇🏿 

HubSpot Video

Can't drag and drop? Please ask your HubSpot Admin user to do that for you. You can choose the visible elements in the right sidebar and their ordering through the Record Customization settings on HubSpot.

Differences for Vainu Nordic users

Everything we've told you so far has been for Vainu Global users, and while most of it is still accurate for the users of our Nordics database, there are some key differences.

  1. The results are displayed differently: Instead of a domain, the company name is displayed.
  2. The Vainu view action will open up that Business ID profile in Vainu.
  3. The Create action will create the company with a business ID–just like single export does when using our Business ID database.

Since we store 100 results per domain, we can only display results among those 100 domains. If we don’t have any companies in those results located in the country database you've subscribed to, we can’t show any results. If we have 1-5 results, we'll display max top 5.

Vainu similar companies_create new company_business IDAPI

Vainu Similar Companies dataset is also available to our API users via the similar_domains data field. This data field will, by default, return the 100 most similar domains.

The API call will not only list the domains, but it will also return the similarity_score data for each domain. This value will show how similar the domain is compared with the original domain according to our proprietary model. The closer to 1 the value is, the more similar those domains can be considered.