Vainu in Account & Lead Scoring

Marketing functions can benefit from Vainu’s data in both Account and Lead Scoring practices.

If you think of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, you probably want to target on families with pets, a couple of children and stable economic situation. Instead of knocking on the doors of an endless amount of students and seniors living alone, wouldn't you want to rather spot those ideal big households? Or even better; find the consumers that own an old vacuum cleaner nearing the end of its lifecycle. When you have a lot of leads in your sales funnel or when you're pressed for time, it's crucial to be able to sort the best, most qualified leads, thus increase efficiency.

What is Account and Lead Scoring?

Marketing functions can benefit from Vainu’s data in both Account Scoring and Lead Scoring practices. In Lead Scoring, you want to prioritize your most qualified leads and you can do that by attaching values to each of your lead based on their professional information and the behavior they’ve exhibited on your website. Account Scoring, however, takes into account the various roles involved in making a purchase decision, providing further account intelligence.

In both Account Scoring and Lead Scoring, you must decide which factors will increase the likelihood of a prospect to turn into your customer and then these attributes should be weighted more heavily. Vainu is a powerful tool for creating this kind of a value system.

How Vainu will help you in practice?

A great starting point for Account Scoring is to take a look at your current client base and see what they have in common. You can use Vainu Analyzer for this purpose, for example. Once you have analyzed your customer base, you must decide, which factors will increase the likelihood of a prospect company to turn into your customer and then these attributes should be weighted more heavily. To showcase how Vainu's data can support your Lead Scoring practices, let’s use Vainu as an example company:

Our marketing team has built a system, where different attributes either increase or decrease the points each company or lead gets. Company properties enriched with Vainu data in HubSpot are used as factors in Lead Scoring. For us, the factors increasing the score are, for example, certain online technologies the companies are using such as HubSpot, Dynamics or Salesforce since Vainu can be integrated to all these CRMs. We ask, for instance, “which CRM your company is using?” on our landing page forms.

Moreover, if a company has recruited or is recruiting a new sales director, these kinds of signals can be used to increase the account’s score. In short:

1. A new person is registered in your marketing automation tool.

2. Based on the person’s e-mail domain, Vainu identifies the right company and Vainu’s data is used to enrich the company data with other business-relevant data in your marketing automation system.

3. Your leads are scored based on enriched data, which enables marketers to improve personalization across all channels, such as emails, phone calls, social media and such.

For your company, however, the most critical data point may be geographic location, e.g., a certain city, state or a country, or a specific industry, for example. In Vainu, there’s a vast amount of different data points, which you can utilize in Account and Lead Scoring, varying from basic company information, such as industry domains, location, age or size to more sophisticated factors, such as online technologies or signals, for instance.

Using either our API or native integration with HubSpot, for example, you’ll have all the tools in place to start building your value system!

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