Vainu Training Webinar Recordings 📽

In our monthly training webinars, we go through the basic features of Vainu's prospecting tool

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Missed a webinar or want quickly to get the hang of using Vainu's prospecting tool? Look no further! 

The recordings below are from our earlier webinars, which will help you to get started with Vainu.

In English 🇬🇧

Vainu English Training Webinar [Allowed for Embedding]

Suomeksi 🇫🇮

Peruskoulutus Vainusta [Allowed for Embedding]

På Svenska 🇸🇪

Vainu Utbildnings Webinar [Allowed for Embedding]

På Norsk 🇳🇴

Vainu Norwegian Training Webinar [Allowed for Embedding]

In Het Nederlands 🇳🇱

Vainu Dutch Training Webinar [Allowed for Embedding]


Vainun kiinteistötietokanta [Allowed for Embedding]


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