Vainu Training Webinar Recordings

In our monthly training webinars, we go through the basic features in Vainu and how new users can easily get started with the tool.

With the completely new and up-to-date user interface our users can more easily create lists, manage their clients, and search for new prospects. This Vainu Training Webinar goes through all of the necessary features and gives you tips to use Vainu as a prospecting tool more efficiently.

The recordings here are recordings from previously held webinars. If you want to participate in an upcoming webinar click here.

Once a month, we organize a training webinar, which is specifically targeted for new users and those who want to recap the basic use cases for Vainu. During this 40-minute session, we'll go through 

  • how to find the right companies
  • how to set up reports for the key signals in these companies
  • how to benefit from Vainu in your daily routines

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