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Vehicle data (Finland, Sweden, Norway) 🚗

In this article, we've gathered a few examples on how you can utilize different vehicle filters. Vehicle data is currently available in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

⚠️ NOTE! Vehicle data is an additional feature that is not included in all licenses. Please check your settings page on the Subscriptions & Integrations page if vehicle data is included in your license. If you wish to purchase vehicle data as an additional feature, please follow the steps in this article: Update license & Purchase additional features.

In this article you can find:

1. What kind of detailed information about vehicles can I see on a company profile? 

2. What is the search logic of the vehicle parameters?

3. How can I combine different vehicle filters to find the best prospects?

4. How can I start using vehicle data in Vainu?

1. Find vehicle data on company profiles

The following information is available on the company profile. Vehicle information can be found under Vehicles tab. If the tab is missing either the company doesn’t have vehicle data available or you don't have vehicle data included in your license.

1) Vehicle Types (cars, vans, trucks etc.)

2) Vehicle Brands

3) Owning Company

4) Insurance Companies

5) Vehicle Power source (diesel oil, electric, gas etc.)

6) Age (1-2, 3-5, 6-10 years)

7) Emissions (g/km)

8) Possession (Leasing, Employee)

9) Owner (Owner, Holder or Other)

10) Used cars

11) Change index

12) Gearing

When you want to see the detailed information of the vehicles, you must first select a vehicle type. Having chosen a vehicle type first, you get to see detailed information of the cars such as model, insurance company, insurance start date, power source, emissions, possession, owner type, carrying capacity, owning company, first registration date, tire count and inspection type. The diagrams will update based on the vehicle type and/or vehicle brand of your choosing.

There are some limitations set by the law regarding the Finnish vehicle data. Please check the section below for more information about the restrictions to data available through Trafi.

Vehicle data

2. What is the search logic of the vehicle filters & what kind of vehicle filters are available?

Vehicle filters work like any other filter in Vainu, that choosing two filters means that both of them have to be true for the company. The more filters, the less prospects you'll get. However the filter logic might give results that you were not expecting. Below you can find a few examples where the results might not be what you expect. Here are the current vehicle filters:

1) Type of Cargo (only for Finland)

2) Possession

3) Vehicle Brand

4) Vehicle Model (only for Finland)

5) First registration date

6) Owner start date

7) Vehicle Power Source

8) Vehicle Type

9) Vehicle Insurance Company (only for Finland)

10) Type of Use (only for Finland)

11) Vehicle Count

12) Own mass


Vehicle filters in Finland:

Vehicle filters

Vehicle filters in Sweden and Norway:

Vehicle filters Sweden and Norway

3. How can I combine different vehicle filters for best results? Vehicle search examples.

Find companies that have over 40 vehicles that use Gas as their power type.

This will bring you companies that have over 40 vehicles and have at least 1 vehicle that has Gas as the power source.

Find companies with over certain number of M1 type vehicles

Find companies with over certain number of vehicles insured by Euro Insurances

Find companies that have vehicle equipped to transport specific products or are equipped with specific equipment.

In this example it would show companies that have at least 1 vehicle equipped with ADR Tank so they can transport fuel, for example. 

Restrictions on displaying vehicle data in Finland (Traficom)

❗️Important! Displaying the specific vehicle data is restricted by law in Finland. You can check detailed vehicle info by first selecting a single vehicle type. If a company has only one type of vehicles, we cannot display detailed information of all the company's vehicles.

The vehicle data is received from official sources including Traficom, Transportstyrelsen and Statens vegvesen.

4. How can I start using vehicle data in Vainu?

Interested in utilizing vehicle data? Contact your Vainu contact person or chat with us! Should you have any questions, please contact us through the chat (on the bottom right corner) or email us at support@vainu.io.

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