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Workflow Triggers 📈

Monitor your target accounts for any significant changes in real time.

The Workflow Triggers feature is available as a Light and a Full version. Contact your Account Manager to activate the feature. This article focuses on Workflow Trigger activation and its main functionalities.

With the help of Workflow Triggers, you can stay on top of any changes related to any group of companies in real time.

Light version

Similar to Alerts, Workflow Triggers keep you up-to-date on the latest changes in your target accounts by sending you a notification by email.

Full version

The Full version of Workflow Triggers allows you to get the relevant company changes to
  • Your CRM as Tasks, Deals, Leads, or Opportunities.
  • Public channels in Slack.
  • Other destinations by using Webhooks.

To start using Workflow Triggers, you need to:

  • Contact your Vainu Account Manager to activate the feature.
  • Have a dynamic or a static list created in Vainu.
  • Add filters to determine the types of triggers you wish to receive.
  • Select the destination for your triggers.
  • Include trigger values in the data mapping tool – Full version only.

Add filters

With filters, you can determine what kind of information you want to receive in your CRM. You can get notified of three types of changes in a company:

Events Events are based on buying signals. Buying signals are any piece of information of a change that can be linked to a certain company. Read more about buying signals here.
Data Get notified of any relevant basic or financial data changes happening in a company.
Other – New companies in a target group Get notified when a new company matches the search criteria you've set.

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Select a destination

Vainu will only show the channels you're connected to. If you don't see your preferred destination, open Vainu integration settings to activate Webhook, Slack, or CRM integration.

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Destination   Trigger an action
CRM system (full version only)
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • MS Dynamics 365 Online
You can select whether you want to create a Deal/Lead/Task/Opportunity.

Email 📩 Add up to 20 email recipients to receive a standard notification or trigger events. You will receive an email with basic data.
Slack (full version only) Select the Slack channel where you wish to receive the notifications. Ensure the channel is not set as #private as Vainu can only export data to public channels. You will receive a notification to your selected Slack channel with basic trigger data.
Webhooks Learn more about Webhooks from your Account Manager.  


NOTE! To export triggers to your CRM system, you need to include trigger values in data mapping.

Trigger objects available for export in data mapping

  • Trigger: Profile  The name of the Workflow Trigger.
  • Trigger: Matched Events  –  The event (see Buying Signals) that matches the trigger.
  • Trigger: Summary  Detailed summary about the event, its trigger, and the company it belongs to.
  • Trigger: Discovered Date  –  The date when Vainu matches an event with a specific workflow trigger.

Select frequency 🕑

You don't need to be overwhelmed with too many tasks at the same time. By updating frequency, you can determine just how many notifications you get in a selected time period.

Find the most relevant triggers, select a frequency and the destination, and leave everything else to Vainu's automated process. 

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Receive triggers on your preferred weekdays and hours. You can also select triggers to be only sent manually.  You can also limit the number of triggers you receive per day.

Context 📍

When exporting to CRM, you can include notes in trigger: summary.

For every filter, you can add context to go with the trigger. See example:

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Whenever a company publishes a new open position, you wish to act upon it as soon as the event has occurred. You can add information and notes along with the trigger event information, such as "Offer recruitment service" and facilitate a personalized outreach.


Should you need more information regarding the Workflow Triggers, please chat with us or email at support@vainu.io, and we're happy to help you out! 😊